Waternet delivers winter cold out of drinking water to Sanquin

Waternet recently launched their plans to cool blood bank Sanquin with cold from drinking water. This will be stored under the ground in winter and will be used for the blood banks cooling systems in summer. A very “cool” and sustainable initiative.

In the winter, Waternet’s drinking water is extra cold, and now gets an extra function: cooling Sanquin’s pharmaceutical production processes in summer. A heath/cold storage installation collects the cold out of the water. At the same time, consumers in the area save energy in the winter because of this process; the water is less cold so consumers also need lees energy to heat it. The water quality will remain high at all times.

This cooperation is possible due to the two drinking water pipelines of Waternet next to the office of Sanquin. A large share of the drinking water in Amsterdam is provided through these pipelines.
Through savings in cooling the pharmaceutical production processes and through the lower energy demand of the consumer for heating the water, the energy savings per year are equal to the yearly energy usage of 1800 households. If the project is a success, the capacity of the heath/cold storage installation will be doubled.

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