Smart City Expo 2018: the experiences by Amsterdam Smart City

The Amsterdam Smart City is back in the Netherlands after an intense and inspiring week at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Amsterdam was one of the six Dutch cities that showed their projects at the Dutch Pavilion. Besides Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Den Haag and Utrecht prepared a smart city track. Every city invited companies and knowledge institutions to show what Amsterdam Smart City can offer, but also learn from other cities worldwide.

Are you curious about all our activities and learnings? Check this short recap!

The Amsterdam Smart City homebase for the week was the Dutch Pavilion. With ‘stand neighbours’ USA , Moskow, Siemens and Deloitte. However, because of the large Dutch delegation, the daily pitches on Circular Economy, Data, Sustainability, Mobility, Safety & Security and Healthy Urban Living and the “gezelligheid”, the orange stand became one of the busiest on the Expo.

Circular Economy

Because The Netherlands is small and because cooperation is better than inventing the wheel yourself, the Dutch cities all focussed on one specific city challenge. Amsterdam prepared the Circular track and on Tuesday companies and knowledge institutions pitched their concepts, in front of a large crowd.

Amongst others, Waternet & City-zen, REPAiR and Madaster shined on stage!

Marjolein Bot (City-zen) and Marina Gaton (Waternet) on the biorefiney in Buiksloterham.

Tamara Streefland (Metabolic) and Arjan van Timmeren (AMS Institute) on REPAiR.

Pablo van den Bosch about the startup Madaster.

Learn about the projects:

Coalition for Digital Rights

On Wednesday, something unique happened in the pavilion of Barcelona: the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona and New York announced a Cities Coalition for Digital Rights. The cities want to secure human rights on the internet by joint policies, an action plan and tools on five shared principles. These three cities encourage others to become part of the Coalition:

Amsterdam, Barcelona and New York start collaboration on digital rights (in Dutch) – Amsterdam Smart City

On Wednesday, AMS-IX pitched during the Data track (prepared by the City of Den Bosch):

During the Expo, measurements on the sound were done by the start-up SensorTeam.

Amsterdam Smart City explained others about the circular economy…

And some of us, were asked to tell something on camera.

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