Métro Énergies, collaborative energy data management tool for cities and citizens

The programme Métro Énergies (formerly VivaCité) involves the developement of an experimental platform for collaborative energy data management, covering the perimeter of the Grenoble EcoCity. It is run by GEG in collaboration with Atos Worldgrid and utility operators in Grenoble (CCIAG).

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Location : Grenoble

Project team :  GEG / Atos Worldgrid

Replication : The tool is interesting to any city which would like to have a better real time insight in the actual energy flows.

Contacts : Damien Fresier, Bruno Morel

The project

Métro Énergies enables a collaborative and real-time management of energy production, distribution and consumption. By having insight in the actual energy used and produced it is possible to manage the city’s energy use (supply and demand) in a smart way. The tool’s data are not just available for city officials and city planners, but also for building operators and residents. It enables stakeholders to work together across traditional silos. It has educational interfaces and feedback applications for each stakeholder.

Using the data collected by smart meters installed at the homes and workplaces of consumers, Métro Énergies doesn’t require other installation of hardware and software in buildings. The collected data are integrated in a platform and given back to consumers, network operators and producers in a dedicated manner to aid decision making.

The result

With Métro Énergies the city can see if they are on track to reach their energy and climate plan targets, make forecasts and plan ahead for infrastructure needs. Citizens can see their real-time energy use, compare with other users, see their environmental footprint and set alerts so they can get personalized advice. Building managers can get insight into the collective use of heat, electricity and hot tap water, which is helpful when planning renovation works or to raise awareness of the occupants of the building.

The next step

Métro Énergies is being developed by GEG and Atos Worldgrid and is currently being tested in Grenoble. As a next step they would like to include other utilities and deploy to other urban areas.

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