Virtual power plant

Storage and trade of surplus solar energy through home batteries. 

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Location : Amsterdam district : Nieuw West

Project team : Greenspread, Alliander

Replication : possible to expand it within the Netherlands and abroad.

Contacts :  Jan Scheepers , Jan Willem Eising

City-zen partners AllianderEnergy Exchange Enablers (EXE) and Greenspread aim to set up and test a so-called virtual power plant in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district.  A virtual power plant is an online platform which aggregates people’s production and consumption of solar energy and stores the surplus locally. Due to this aggregation it’s possible to trade energy on the wholesale markets: the use of a home battery lets you store energy when electricity prices are low and discharge the battery when there are high. The virtual power plant will also be connected to Alliander’s smart grid. It will be examined if the batteries are able to support the local grid network during peak moments. Trading on the energy markets with battery systems installed at households in one individual neighbourhood is new.

Currently already 25 home batteries have been installed at homes in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district. We are still looking for a few more participants! So, if you are interested to participate, live in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and have PV panels: Send an e-mail to or check the website (Dutch): for more information!

VIDEO:  short video from Alliander about it’s City-zen smart grid projects:

Interested to know more about this project? Read all about it here or contact one of the involved partners.


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