Smart cooling system for pharmaceutical processes

Bloodbank’s pharmaceutical processes cooled with cold from drink water infrastructure

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Location : Amsterdam

Project team :  Sanquin, Waternet

Progress / Due date : October 2017

Replication : interesting for other neighbourhoods since the basic concept is the usage of seasonal cold and abundant heat

Contacts : Jordy Pedd (on LinkedIn),

The project

City-zen partners blood bank Sanquin and water company Waternet join efforts to use cold from drink water infrastructure for cooling.

During cold periods in winter the temperature of drinking water drops lower than desired. This creates an abundance of cold energy which can be extracted and either used directly in Sanquin’s pharmaceutical processes or stored in an underground storage facility (a so-called aquifer thermal energy storage: ATES).

The result

The annual energy yield for the first years is expected to be 20.000 gigajoule, which equals the annual power consumption of about 1.800 households. In the future this will grow towards 40.000 gigajoule a year. Sanquin will initially only use the extracted cold for its pharmaceutical processes but is  looking into expanding the smart cooling system to more of its operations and buildings.

Additional benefit

As a result of the cold extraction the temperature in the drinking water infrastructure rises slightly which means end-users need less energy to heat water. Win-win.

VIDEO: short video from Sanquin explaining the smart cooling system:


Interested to know more about this project? Read all about it here or contact one of the involved partners.


Project was featured on Wired in december 2016: How chilling! Amsterdam is using its underground water supply to cool its bloodbank