Residential retrofit in Amsterdam

High level retrofit of residential buildings in Amsterdam to reduce their energy use.


Location : Amsterdam

Project team :  Amsterdam Economic Board / Smart City

Progress / Due date : selection of the final projects / 2017

Replication : interesting to other neighbourhoods of Amsterdam/Grenoble/other cities in Europe

Contacts : Marjolein Bot (on LinkedIn), Rick Vermin (on LinkedIn)

The project

Home owners, housing corporations and property investors of ambitious energy retrofit projects in Amsterdam can apply for European City-zen funding. The available support of €2,6 million euro is awarded to the most ambitious renovation projects, with the largest reduction in CO2 emission reduction. The aim is a saving of 3000 tonnes of CO2 per year by supporting the retrofit of 52.000 m² of residential buildings.

The result

The goal is to renovate 700+ houses in Amsterdam. The City-zen project commenced in 2014 and so far three City-zen funding rounds have been completed. Amsterdam Smart City has selected projects with more than 500 dwellings (equalling 40.000 m2). Heat pumps, smart ventilation systems, air tight insulation and PV panels, are a selection of the wide range of measures which are being applied by the home owners to meet the required, ambitious standard for this funding.

The next step

It is still possible to apply for funding. Currently (= status on 13 February 2017) we have room for more projects, equalling app. 9.700 m2 (of which 6.200 m2 in applications is pending). We work on a first-come-first-serve base.

Homeowners can receive up to 50% of the investment of energy saving measures with a maximum of €50/m2. The support of the European Commission helps to reduce the combined CO2 emission of these homes with approximately 5.000 tonnes per year. The home renovations must be completed before the end of 2017. The full project, including the monitoring, will be completed in 2019.

Interested to apply for City-zen funding? Read all about it here (in Dutch)

The impacts on the neighbourhood and its residents

The residents of the retrofitted homes will have more healthy and more comfortable homes. They will sometimes use and produce solar energy. Also the appearance of their building might change (improve). The value of their property might increase. The rent might increase, the energy bill might decrease.

Wath this video (in Dutch) about how social housing company Eigen Haard renovated 138 apartments in the post war Airey Buildings in Amsterdam Nieuw-West with the support of City-zen funding:

Interested to know more about this project? Read all about it here or contact one of the involved partners.


  • The Project

    A city operating entirely on clean energy. In theory, it's possible. But in real life? How to integrate new solutions in existing buildings, systems and people's lives? What are the technical, economic or social barriers? And how to overcome these? That's what we learn by doing in 20 projects in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

  • Our Activities

  • Expected Impacts

    • 20 innovations in Grenoble & Amsterdam
    • 35,000 tonnes CO2 saved per year
    • 76,000 m² renovated residential buildings
    • 10,000 dwellings connected to a Smart Grid