Modular façade panels enable step-by-step insulation

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Location : Belgium

Project team :  Th!nk-E

Replication : can be applied to a wide range of homes and buildings

Contacts : Leen Peeters

The project

Many buildings are being renovated step by step. First the bathroom and maybe next year the kitchen. Financial limitations but also practical reasons are the reason many people don’t do a complete overhaul straight away. So why not work this way when insulating a building?

Th!nk E has developed a prefabricated modular façade panel which can be easily attached to any existing building. The panels can be placed per room – allowing a step by step insulation. The carefully designed panels are an architectural asset when placed on only a part of the building, but are also attractive when the façade is completely covered.

The panel is made of a wooden construction and holds 20 cm of insulation. A wide range of finishings can be added, fitting the owners wishes and the local situation. If desirable even solar panels could be used. By placing panels on the outside, construction time is short and hassle indoors is limited. The investment is relatively low while the return on investment is high when panels are placed on the outside of the rooms that are heated most.

The next step

Th!nk E is finalizing the design of a façade panel to be attached to a part of an existing building.

The first test case has been detailed and calculated. It will be implemented mid-March 2017 on an industrial building and will transform the old brick wall into a highly efficient well insulated part of the building envelope

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