Lecture urban transition by prof. van Timmeren en Dr. Martin now online available

Watch the lecture prof. Arjan van Timmeren (AMS institute) and Dr. Craig Martin (TU Delft) gave on September 11th (2017) at the Delft University of Technology about urban transitions. 

Craig Martin online lecture

On 11 September, prof. Arjan van Timmeren (Environmental Technology & Design) talked about cities, knowledge institutions, citizens and industries working together on advanced metropolitan solutions.
Examples e.g. from AMS-Institute and City-zen projects (City-zero (carbon) energy in the urban contexts) show that challenges cities face today require a holistic, systemic and transdisciplinary approach that spans different fields of expertise and disciplines.

Craig Martin (Climate Design and Sustainability) told about ‘City-zen roadshows’ on energy transition of neighbourhoods in 10 European cities. For this a team from TU Delft and other academic partners spend five days in a city looking to collaborate with local authorities, citizens and market players.

This lecture is part of a series of six lectures organised by the minor Neighbourhood of the Future, Green Blue Cities.