• A Tale of Two Cities : interactive pdf now available

    december 1, 2019

    At the request of many visitors, you can now download the booklet distributed at the City-zen Closing Event: A Tale of Two Cities (interactive pdf) The interactive PDF allows you to navigate to the section of your interest with a simple mouse click. Feel free to download and share! French version (this version has been […]

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  • City-zen Closing Event: Knowledge To Build A Future

    november 30, 2019

    On 14 and 15 November 2019, the City-zen Closing Event took place in Brussels. The two-day event marked the end of the City-zen program. It was a showcase of accumulated knowledge of five years of City-zen projects. The sessions at the event were aimed at integration of results, sharing of learnings and identifying barriers for […]

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  • On the importance of Urban Leadership: Keynote by Joan Fitzgerald

    november 29, 2019

    To jumpstart the second day of the City-zen Closing Event, Professor Joan Fitzgerald of Northeastern University delivered a keynote on Urban Leaderhip. In her presentation she drew from her forthcoming book, Greenovation: Urban Leadership on Climate Change (Oxford University Press) in which she argues that cities need to act more urgently in reducing greenhouse gas […]

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  • Het Project

    Een stad die volledig draait op schone energie. In theorie kan het. Maar in de praktijk? Hoe integreer je nieuwe oplossingen in bestaande gebouwen, systemen en levens van mensen? Welke technische, economische en sociale uitdagingen zijn er? En hoe overwin je die? City-zen vindt het uit in 20 praktijkprojecten in Amsterdam en Grenoble.

  • Onze Activiteiten

  • Bereikte Impact

    • 20 innovaties in Grenoble & Amsterdam
    • 35.000 ton CO2 besparing per jaar
    • 76.000 m² verduurzaamde woningen
    • 10.000 woningen in een Smart Grid