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Newsletter #13 - June 2019

The time to scale up has arrived. In the first week of April, the City-zen Days event in Amsterdam, enriched minds with lessons learned and offered excellent networking opportunities. The fully booked event, with over 100 delegates from a dozen European countries, yielded the desired results and more! However, our work is not done yet. The one thing that has become clear from the event more than anything else: we must act on multiple fronts and we must act now. I hope the articles below will inspire you as much as the event inspired us. ~ Marjolein Bot, Amsterdam Coordinator City-zen

City-zen Days: Inspiration, lessons learned and networking

From 1-3 April 2019, City-zen Days took place in Amsterdam. This three-day event provided heaps of inspiration and learning to over 100 participants. A wonderful mixture of City-zen consortium partners, sustainable entrepreneurs, civil servants and the general public spent three days on multiple locations throughout the city, taking in theoretical information as well as practical lessons learned through field visits. Feel free to download our speakersí presentation from the City-zen Days website:

How to move forward towards Carbon Neutrality

Signals are coming at us from left, right and center: when it comes to climate change, we need to act NOW. But where do we start? And which way should we go? City-zen Days explored the energy transition roadmap for the municipality of Amsterdam the results of multiple workshops held at various European cities.

FuckUp Nights: Timing is everything

On April 2nd, together with the FuckUp organization, City-zen organized an evening filled with stories of professional failure. Instead of sharing success stories that are often hard to identify with and even harder to replicate, sharing stories of failure has proven to be insightful, educational and entertaining at the same time. Four brave speakers revealed their vulnerabilities to a forgiving audience and shared their hard-fought wisdom.

Retrofitting for the future

Urbanization calls for clever housing solutions beyond simply constructing new buildings. Retrofitting projects will be crucial to successful urban development. But how can we transcend the theoretical? City-zen Days offered pilot program participants an opportunity to vocalize opinions and share experiences. To complete the transformation from theory to practice, delegates then visited the projects in real-life.

Cooling with drinking water

Using water for heating and cooling is hardly a novel idea. Implementing it on a large scale, however, is a totally different ball game. Part of the City-zen project was finding out what would be needed to make this possible. During City-zen Days, a presentation by a blood bank and a water company revealed different perspectives and joint insights gained.

[PUBLICATION] Smart Grid Pilot: Surprising Insights

In 2050, it is expected that 80% of the world population will live in cities. What are the effects of, among other things, solar panels, electric cars and home batteries on the lives of citizens and the local energy grid? How can a reliable, affordable and accessible energy grid be retained? A recently published report reveals a number of surprises.

[WORKSHOP] Smart Energy Solutions: what's keeping cities from implementing?

Be a part of our replication workshops in Brussels to find out about the barriers city municipalities encounter in city development and that are stopping them from implementing innovative technologies! Register today!

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