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Newsletter #11 - October 2018

Marjolein Bot, local coordinator - Amsterdam Smart City "This year Europe’s summer was long, warm and sunny. As much as I enjoyed the weather, I am also concerned about the extreme forces of nature around the world. Is this the result of climate change? Is this a wake-up call for citizens around the world to take more and faster action now? And then, what can I do in my own life and in my work? In the first couple of months that I now work on City-zen, I’m inspired by our real-life demonstration projects teaching us how we can implement innovations in the urban city and in which way they contribute to a sustainable future. By the new partnerships that needed to be formed and the fantastic outcomes that come from these collaborations (please refer to the winning demonstration with Waternet, Sanquin and TU Delft!). By the obstacles that residents and partners need to take in the Virtual Power Plant and Vehicle-to-Grid demonstrations and the positive outlook on the impact that they have by participating in these demonstrations. Things to be proud of!

We are now entering the final year of City-zen in which a lot of the demonstrations will be delivered and where we will focus more and more on capturing the lessons learned and tell the stories – for example during the City-zen Days in Amsterdam. There is so much to share! Enjoy reading this newsletter!"

Sharing experiences: citizens are at the heart of Vehicle-to-grid and Virtual Power Plant demonstrations

Without citizens no Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) demonstrations. They play a critical role in the energy transition as their involvement is essential to have impact. In the last couple of months meetings were organised with citizens participating in Vehicle-to-grid and Virtual Power Plant to discuss progress and share learnings.

City-zen partners Waternet, Sanquin and TU Delft awarded with a bronze medal at IWA Project Innovation Award 2018

With the project: Bloodbank’s pharmaceutical processes cooled with cold from drink water infrastructure. The ceremony took place at Monday 17th of September at the 2018 Project Innovation Awards, the first night of the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition. A water event that attracts over 5,000 international water experts. The IWA Project Innovation Awards recognise and promote excellence and innovation in water management, research and technology.

[STUDY] Understand the decision-making process that leads co-owners to engage in renovation work

Since 2016, the GAEL laboratory, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Area, has been conducting an action-research project to understand the determinants of decision-making by co-owners registered in the Mur | Mur (campaign for the insulation and thermal renovation of buildings) scheme run by the Metropolitan Area. This study analyses the economic, financial and sociological aspects that influence co-owners' choices through several tools and methodologies.

Got big ideas to improve Preston? The City-zen roadshow wants to hear them - 12-16 November

People are being invited to share their ideas on how they’d like to change or improve Preston to make it a more sustainable and even better city to live and work in. The City-zen Roadshow is coming to Preston for five days from 12 to 16 November and is open to anyone who is interested in coming together and creating a healthier, happier and more energy efficient Preston.

The Smart City world expo - Barcelona - 13-15 November

The Smart City World Expo in Barcelona on 13-15 November is approaching very soon! Although the Expo starts on Tuesday 13 November, as City-zen, we're involved in a workshop on the International Business Day organized by the Dutch delegation on Monday 12 November. We will also feature with a presentation in the Holland Pavilion on Tuesday 13 November and Atos is present on the booth of the Grenoble Metropolitan area (booth C403) to present the tool "Vivacité". Please be invited to these events - we are looking forward to seeing you there!

City-zen Fuck-up Night - Antwerpen - 22 November

On November 22 we organize a FuckUp-Night in Antwerp. This is a great opportunity to hear the other side of the story, so register quickly because the number of places is limited! Of course there is a drink and a snack so we’re getting in the right mood. Invitations are not personal, but once registered we expect someone to attend ... so we don’t have to throw away food away.

City-zen Days - Amsterdam - 1-3 April 2019

We are very happy to announce the dates for the City-zen Days in Amsterdam on 1-3 April 2019! More information to follow; please put these dates in your agenda. We will be starting to build the programme soon. If you have initial ideas or topics that you would like to present or demonstrate, send your suggestions to:

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