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Newsletter #8 - December 2017

Cities are made by people. Their everyday actions and choices are what shape communities and cities. No wonder citizen engagement is such a hot topic in clean energy projects. The involvement of those living, working, eating and sleeping in cities is essential to the energy system change we are trying to realize.   
But how to do it? How to interest and involve people when it comes to the transition towards clean energy? And how to motivate them to make different choices? And what drives people that already do so? That’s what our 8th City-zen newsletter is all about. We hope you will enjoy our stories !

The secret to citizen engagement. Lessons from a Manchester success story.

Does your project’s success depend on the involvement of citizens? But are you struggling to interest or motivate them? In Manchester, Dave Coleman (City-zen’s Advisory Board member) and his team have developed a method with which they have so far managed to excite and engage over 4.000 people about climate change. Not just the usual suspects but people from all walks of life, such as Somali refugees, unemployed social housing tenants and children.

Grenoble, "city of tomorrow" : a place for participative challenges

“Grenoble Ville de demain” (city of tomorrow) is a platform that wants to bring together all the talents of the city to make the energy transition a reality. Transition has different characters : economic, social, urban, energy, digital,... and everybody can take part in the solutions from citizens to the decision makers to the scientist or the cultural actors. Everybody is welcome!

This is what motivated Koos, Frank and Jan to renovate their Amsterdam homes in a highly energy efficient way.

About 5 years ago, ventilating the desire to eat less meat would have been frowned upon. Going vegan would have meant social suicide. Not today. Living a more sustainable lifestyle is on the rise. The number of people that separate waste or buy organic is growing. But when it comes to bigger investments, such as home renovation, choosing the more sustainable option can be harder. Not everybody dreams of spending their hard earned money on solar boilers, heat pumps or insulation.

Grenoble school energy challenge : ALEC and GEG, an ongoing partnership for 2017-2018

Every year ALEC (climate and energy agency) leads and organizes the school energy challenge, a program of Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole. The aim is to make children aware of global warming, energy savings and air pollution. Understanding these issues may seem abstract to 10-year-olds. That's why the agency partnered with GEG to monitor some of the participating schools in Grenoble within City-zen project.

Grenoble's energy master plan : less waste, more renewable

The real way to move forward in the energy transition is to consume less energy to heat, move, manufacture... The need is also to gradually replace fossil fuels such as gas, gasoline and fuel oil by renewable energies! To achieve this, Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole has recently voted an ambitious roadmap by 2030: reduce all energy consumption by 22%, boost renewable and recovery energies by 35% and reduce the fossil energies by 30%. This is a pioneer process in France.

What are your experiences with energy saving measures? Have you taken energy saving measures at home or not?

Let us learn from you so that we can reduce the energy consumption in Europe even further. More and more people are deciding to renovate their house in a sustainable manner: for example with insulation, double glazing or by installing solar panels. You might be one of them. But it is also possible that you did not take any measures (yet) to reduce your energy consumption.

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