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Newsletter #7 - July 2017

If it was easy, everyone would do it. The road to clean energy isn’t easy. It is full of obstacles. That’s why we need people and organizations that are not afraid to go down the road less traveled. That are brave enough to wrap their heads around the obstacles they meet along the way, and enjoy thinking about a way through. We are proud to say that our project City-zen is full of these people and organizations! Just before the summer holiday starts, we would like to share with you some of their amazing work about tackling obstacles on the road to clean energy in cities.

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WEBINAR: On dealing with non-technical challenges such as social acceptance in smart city projects

City-zen’s Craig Lee Martin (Technical University of Delft) was one of the expert speakers on a webinar hosted by the SCIS (EU Smart Cities Information) platform on May 17th. The webinar showcased examples of main financial, economic and administrative barriers encountered in smart cities projects and measures needed to promote social acceptance and uptake of technologies and solutions. Craig contributed by sharing his own experiences with the non-technical challenges they have encountered and provided recommendations to smart city stakeholders.

Sneak preview of soon to be published key-barriers-to-energy-transition research

What does it take to realize clean energy in cities? What barriers do we need to remove to make it happen? Last year the Amsterdam Centre for Energy (University of Amsterdam), DNV GL and La Metro examined which economic and regulatory barriers the various City-zen projects experience when trying to achieve a fossil free city. In September they will publish their insights. For this newsletter Eva Winters, researcher at the Amsterdam Centre for Energy, already shares some of the key barriers their team encountered.

Why carefully designed clean energy plans often end up in the trashcan

You thought you were doing a good job. Together with your team, you have been carefully designing a plan to connect one of the city’s districts to a specific clean energy solution that could bring down carbon emissions drastically. But all of a sudden the grid operator says no: making the necessary adjustments is too complicated and therefore too costly. If only you had known about this sooner…

City-zen project shows European cities the way

Running cities on clean energy may be technically feasible, but it is very tricky from an organisational and economic point of view. The EU project City-Zen is readying hearts and minds for the challenge. The Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is doing its bit in the form of trial projects, serious gaming and Roadshows through European cities. 

Innovative home battery project in Amsterdam in the spotlight

On Friday 23rd of June, City-zen's innovative home battery project (virtual power plant)  in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district enjoyed the spotlight when not only Amsterdam Alderperson Abdeluheb Choho visited John van der Putten, one of the participants, but also various Dutch media paid attention to it.

Grenoble City-zen Conference: 31 January, 1 and 2 February 2018

Discover, share and enjoy energy solutions! The municipality of Grenoble in cooperation with all City-zen’s local partners are putting together a great program of conferences, workshops, visits and games to highlight innovations in the field of energy transition. It’s also a great opportunity to “plug” this City-zen event with Les Assises européennes de la transition énergétique in Geneva… More info this autumn !

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