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Newsletter #6 - April 2017

Grenoble's actions: a little more? That’s the daily menu we propose for this #6 City-zen's newsletter, focus on what’s going on in Grenoble ; in how we use geothermal energy in the Presqu’ile ecodistrict, how people are embracing the Mur/Mur insulation campaign, how we motivate children in having an energy efficient lifestyle and much more… blossom blooms in Grenoble and so do the innovative clean energy projects in our city.

We hope you will enjoy our shorter and more frequent newsletter which allows you to follow our peregrinations on the exciting energy transition path. Interested to get more details on City-zen? Take a look at our website or contact us! Let spring make your projects flourish!

In Grenoble's Presqu’ile Ecodistrict, 800 dwellings will be heated and cooled with geothermal energy

Awarded by the government “Investments for the future”, Grenoble is making sustainable building a priority, in particular in the Presqu’ile area. For this purpose, the city relies on new technologies and innovations. City-zen takes part in this ambitious project.

Due to great success, a second edition of the Mur/Mur insulation campaign is launched: interview with its driving forces

In 2010, the Grenoble Metropolis authority (la Métro) and its partners launched the Mur/Mur insulation campaign to implement objectives of its “Air-Energy-Climate plan” by giving technical and financial support to citizens that want to renovate their homes in a highly energy efficient way. A new campaign will run until 2020. Project overview with Sylvain Koch-Mathian, from la Métro and Arnaud Segon, from ALEC (Local Energy and Climate Agency of Grenoble metropolitan area).

Creative workshop: brainstorming on how to engage people in saving energy at home using the collaborative platform VivaCité

How to give residents better access to their energy consumption data? How should they interpret  those, and above all, what will they do with it once they have better insight in their energy consumption? Engaging people in using the VivaCité tool, a collaborative platform for managing data for housing (electricity, heating, gas and water), is as challenging as setting up the tool itself. That’s why a second creativity workshop was organized to improve VivaCité and its interfaces on February 15th, 2017. Ideas and insights coming out of the workshop are valuable to anyone creating or pushing a multi user data platform.

School energy challenge: children on board to bring energy consumption down

“Teacher, that’s the day when we set up a multi-socket!” Giving individuals access to their energy usage, thanks to the VivaCité platform, is an ongoing initiative in Grenoble. As part of the 3rd edition of the successful "School Energy Challenge" lead by ALEC on the metropolitan area of Grenoble, one school benefits from a close monitoring and data sets to ‘play’ with. But what kind of data should be shown? On what scale? Which kind of data could be relevant for an educational purpose? Grenoble experiences this with the elementary school Anthoard.

Renovation of co-owned apartment complexes: dream first, then decide

To refurbish apartment complexes, 70% of the owners must consent with renovation activities. Collective decision-making is never easy. And if it involves money, well, it is even harder. To cater for that difficulty, the Local Energy and Climate Agency of Grenoble metropolitan area - ALEC, created a participatory workshop called “Refurbish my condominium : what a program!”.


70° is the temperature of the water coming in the new buildings which will circulate in the innovative lowpressure district heating network in Flaubert Ecodistrict, in Grenoble (and 40° coming out of the buildings). In the rest of the district heating network (high pressure), the water temperature is approx.135° (coming in) and 75° (coming out).  More info

16kWp is the renewable energy which will be produced by the pv plant with smart power management and storage features (4.5kWh storage), located on ALEC’s building roof. The aim is to maximize the direct use of the photovoltaic electricity produced. More info

3 social housing companies are involved in City-zen in Grenoble (Actis, Grenoble Habitat, Pluralis). That means 275 dwellings with an highly efficient refurbishment program, for a total of 26.207 sqm. More info

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement N° 608702