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Newsletter #3 - December 2015

City-zen on the road - We are about to head into a new year. For most people a time to reflect on the past year and what's on the road for 2016. The City-zen project started about one and a half year ago and it is time to accelerate!

Three lessons from City-zen in Amsterdam
Column by Mirko Van Vliet

Amsterdam New-West is a "small giant" by itself with its own specific set of challenges and opportunities. Characterized by cultural diversity, contrasting neighborhoods and citizens with a drive to innovate. After one and a half year of project experience in the district, what lessons can City-zen share with cities across Europe ? What challenges does City-zen need to overcome ? In typical Dutch down-to-earth style, I explored the answers to these questions by experiencing the district by bike. On the road I realized...

    1) Know the people and the neighborhoods
    2) Integrate your project with visions of the area

    3) Add value with your project

Waternet delivers winter cold out of drinking to Sanquin

Waternet recently launched their plans to cool blood bank Sanquin with cold from drinking water. This will be stored under the ground in winter and will be used for the blood banks cooling systems in summer. A very "cool" and sustainable initiative.

This cooperation is possible due to the two drinking water pipelines of Waternet next to the office of Sanquin. A large share of the drinking water in Amsterdam is provided through these pipelines.

VivaCity, 1st collaborative energy data management programme
Latest developments

The programme VivaCity involves the development of an experimental platform for collaborative energy data management, covering the perimeter of the Grenoble EcoCity. It is run by GEG in collaboration with Atos Worldgrid and utility operators in Grenoble (CCIAG).

In 2015, developments have been realized including the upgrade of 29 dwellings with smart meters to enable daily communication and the delivery of a web interface (dwelling inhabitant interface, building manager interface).

Amsterdam Smart City launches a call to identify suitable retrofit projects for City-zen

Owners of ambitious energy retrofit projects in Amsterdam can apply for European support via City-zen until November 30th, 2015. The available support of 2,6 million euros will be distributed to the most ambitious projects, with the largest reduction in CO2 emission reduction. Not only housing corporations and property investors can apply but also home-owners and co-owners. For them, a specific share of the support is reserved.

City-zen approach for Urban Energy Master Plans
Presentation of paper at SASBE2015 - Pretoria (SA) - December

The first ideas for the City-zen methodological framework on city energy transitions will be presented this month at the SASBE2015 conference in Pretoria, South-Africa. This methodology is being developed within City-zen's work package 4. Siebe Broersma and Michiel Fremouw from Delft Technical University will present the paper "THE CITY-ZEN APPROACH FOR URBAN ENERGY MASTER PLANS - addressing technical opportunities and non technical barriers".

First City-zen "Roadshow"
Belfast - January 2016

The City-zen Roadshow will travel the length and breadth of Europe to define sustainable visions for cities, its neighborhoods and its citizens. In the next 4 years, 8 cities will be visited and technologies will be demonstrated, futures are mapped and sustainable propositions will be designed and evaluated. This will culminate on the final day with a presented city vision. Travelling with the Roadshow is an experienced team of internationally renowned sustainability experts, whose specialisms will combine with multidisciplinary stakeholder groups and students from each hosting city.

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