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Newsletter #2 - May 2015

It’s late spring. The narcissus near the Sloterplas in Amsterdam have fainted away and the temperature in the valley of Grenoble is rising slowly but steadily. Some days it feels like summer already. It’s not only spring in nature, but also in our project. City-zen is gearing up to get to full blossom.

Crossed interviews
Jean-Louis Demeirly (Atos) and Louis Bekker (Siemens)

Why are you part of the project ?

Jean-Louis Demeirly : "In late 2012, the invitation of the Municipality of Grenoble to participate and submit a proposal for City-zen in our area of expertise, was an honor and a recognition which perfectly fitted with our strategy to develop and diversify our solution portfolio, not only for utilities but also to satisfy needs of administrations, municipalities and real estate stakeholders, that we see blooming in many areas of today’s world."

Louis Bekker : "Siemens is industrial partner in the project since innovative technologies are major levers for sustainable city development. Effective infrastructure contributes to economic prosperity and an improved quality of live. The complexity involved requires a holistic view, sustainable and smart solutions and cooperation with the City and its partners."

Field trip in Grenoble

On the 8th and 9th of April 2015, Grenoble hosted the first field trip for City-zen and local partners. The purpose of this visit was to discover Grenobles ambitious projects and  to participate in the debate on the challenges facing the city. Round tables and site visits marked this field trip, which offered a wealth of information, pictures, discussions…and good weather.

City-zen welcomes a new partner : Greenspread

Greenspread is an innovative energy service company which builds and operates local sustainable energy systems in which energy production and usage are continuously being optimized. This is always done in close collaboration with local stakeholders. The energy systems are integrated with buildings or with a built environment (groups of buildings) and aim at optimizing their energy usage. The goal is to do this “clean and smart”.

An update on the SmartSim Game
By Gerben Kijne

The last couple of months, the Alpha version of City-zens behaviour change game was tested in Amsterdam. Reactions were positive and we’ve received constructive feedback to take into account while developing the Beta version. Most importantly, players seemed to really enjoy the competition that ensued from the test session and some players broke all records and ended up playing for hours.
The things we witnessed give us the confidence that we are on to something and we are looking forward to testing our Beta on a larger scale this summer.

Key innovations for smart cities
State of the art analysis

The task "Key innovations for smart cities : state of the art analysis" (WP2 - Project initiation) aims to incorporate the knowledge on the latest state of the art in retrofitting, district heating and cooling and smart grids. A special attention will be paid to the synergy between those, in the integrated measures topic. Find on the websites the first Key Innovation forms related to retrofitting that present the main innovations that will be demonstrated in Amsterdam and Grenoble. A continuous search for new information and taking into account the up-dating of the innovations to be demonstrated will be done till March 2016.

VivaCity, 1st collaborative energy data management programme

The Grenoble territory is promoting a ground-breaking collaborative energy management approach. Its originality lies in a trial of joined-up cooperation between local energy operators, in a joint buliding initiative between the city of Grenoble and Grenoble Alpes Métropole. The programme VivaCity involves the development of an experimental platform for collaborative energey data management, covering the perimeter of the Grenoble EcoCity.

Local news from Amsterdam
Spotlight Amsterdam Smart City - Hielke Ploeg

Since studying at the University of Amsterdam, my bond with Amsterdam has grown ever stronger. I’ve become “smarter”. Having children – my own little Amsterdammers – has helped me to once again become more aware of how important it is to use our energy responsibly. Not only because of the effect on our generation, but because it also affects my (grand) children’s future. Until recently, it wasn’t really clear to me as an Amsterdam resident how the city was taking an active role in this field. But then a mother at my children’s school told me that Amsterdam Smart City were looking for households to participate in an energy grid storage trial.

School benefits from Comfort Cooling with cold from the IJ river
First demo in Amsterdam ready

Last September, the newly built elementary schools Het Meervoud and De Houthaven in the Houthaven district in Amsterdam opened its doors to their pupils and staff. As these buildings are connected to the Comfort Cooling network, this means the first part of the first demonstration in Amsterdam is ready!

Smart City Event - 2 to 5 June 2015  Amsterdam

On the 2nd until the 5th of June 2015, The Smart City Event will take place for the 5th time in Amsterdam. It will bring Smart city experts from more than 30 countries for inspiring key notes, interactive workshops and inviting round tables. 

City-zen at ECEEE - 1 to 6 June 2015
Hyères (France)

ECEEE has accepted a paper on City-zen for presentation at their panel number 4 : Mobility, transport, and smart and sustainable cities of the 2015 Summer study. It takes place form June 1-6, 2015, in Hyères, France, The paper will be presented by partner DNV GL and has been developed in collaboration with many City-zen partners.

EUSEW - 15 to 19 June 2015

The EU Sustainable Energy week showcases activties dedicated to energy eficiency and renewable energy solutions. It is designed to spread best practices, inspire new ideas and build alliances to help meet the EU's energy and climate goals. Highlights : the High Level Policy Conference in Brussels and Energy dayx throughout Europe and beyond to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

City-zen Amsterdam Field trip
21 to 22 September 2015

After a successful visit to Grenoble, the advisory board and consortium partners will visit Amsterdam on September 21st and 22nd. During this visit, the Amsterdam partners will host round tables, site visits and presentations, thus allowing the participants to familiarise themselves with the local situation, challenges and solutions.
This project has received funding form the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement N° 608702