The Age of Energy

The Age of Energy, an award winning game, was designed by City-zen partner Clicks+Links to make it fun to start saving energy at home. The goal of the game is to engage young people in cities to save energy by raising awareness and changing behaviour through the familiar medium of gaming.

The game is now available for public beta testing in Android. (in iOS soon too)

Gaming tends to have a bit of a negative reputation, but consider the opportunity of leveraging the following traits for a positive objective, such as saving energy. Games are addictive, fun and engaging which means that they can be great tools for education.

After all, “The best way to learn about anything is by doing”.
– Richard Branson.

Currently, the first playable demo is released as you can watch below.Then, a series of iterations will lead to a game that will leverage real-time energy data from next generation smart metering systems as input so that real world behaviour is reflected in the virtual environment.

 The next big version is expected in March 2017 and will include, amongst other things, the ability to connect to third party smart meter systems, in addition to a dynamically managed mission system, allowing the game to adapt itself to the preferences of the player and the needs of the environment.

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Take a look on this website: theageofenergy

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