Municipality of Grenoble


Logo-Ville-de-Grenoble-Couleur-PNG-Surrounded by three ranges of mountains, located in a urban area of 450.000 inhabitants, Grenoble can justifiably claim to be the capital of the French Alps. The 2nd largest centre in France for upper-echelon metropolitan fonctions (information technology and computing, public and
industrial  research,  industrial  sales,  management  and  services).  The  65.000  students,  21.000 researchers, 220 publics laboratories, 14 national and international laboratories, several leading international devices (ESRF, ILL, EMBL) are contributing to the international recognition of Grenoble as a crucial center for scientific research.

Role in City-zen

The municipality will be Grenoble local coordinator, gathering several private and public stakeholders in this project. The city will integrate the different Smart Cities aspects (mobility, planning, energy, citizens) in a real systemic approach on his “urban Lab” Ecocité. Grenoble will also disseminate the results of this project at the national level, since the city is seen by the French Government as a front runner in all the sustainable city fields.