Amsterdam Smart City


logo_2472x655Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is the innovation platform of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, constantly challenging businesses, residents, the municipality and knowledge institutions to test innovative ideas & solutions for urban issues. This contributes to the liveability of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, promotes sustainable economic growth and helps develop new markets. ASC believes in a liveable city where people can live and work pleasantly. We are active in six different themes in which we bring together different organisations to start innovative projects together.

Amsterdam Smart City is a program by the Amsterdam Economic Board
The mission of the Amsterdam Economic Board is to sustainably enhance the prosperity and well-being of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. To achieve this we work together with the business world, governmental agencies and knowledge institutes, focussing on collaboration, innovation and growth.
Our ambition is for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) to have secured a position among the top 3 of Europe’s innovative regions by 2025. We can achieve this by creating solutions for urban challenges that will contribute to the liveability of the region.

Urban challenges
We focus on five interrelated urban challenges which bear relevance to urban issues around the world. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has all the qualities needed to belong to the international top when it comes to solving these challenges.
•    Circular economy: in 2025 the AMA will be leader in the field of circular economy
•    Digital connectivity: in 2025 the AMA will be the most important location in Europe for data-driven innovation
•    Health: in 2025 inhabitants of the AMA will have gained two healthy years in their life-span
•    Mobility: in 2025 urban transport in the AMA will be emission free
•    Jobs of the future: in 2025 the AMA will have the most adaptive and appealing labour market of Europe.

Role in City-zen

Coordination: local coordination in Amsterdam
WP5 : energy efficient residential retrofit in Amsterdam
WP 8 : work package leader
WP 9 : work package leader


  • The Project

    A city operating entirely on clean energy. In theory, it's possible. But in real life? How to integrate new solutions in existing buildings, systems and people's lives? What are the technical, economic or social barriers? And how to overcome these? That's what we've learned by doing in 20 projects in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

  • Our Activities

  • Achieved Impacts

    • 20 innovations in Grenoble & Amsterdam
    • 35,000 tonnes CO2 saved per year
    • 76,000 m² renovated residential buildings
    • 10,000 dwellings connected to a Smart Grid