Amsterdam Economic Board




The Board connects businesses, governmental organisations and knowledge institutes. Together, we work on smart solutions which solve the metropolitan challenges of the future. This is necessary in order to meet our common goal, to secure the quality of life from the citizens in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. During the coming years we will focus on the following five urban challenges: Health, Mobility, Digital Connectivity, Circular Economy and Jobs of the Future.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area can excel in these areas on an international level, because so much potential is already widely available: a dense network of innovative businesses, extensive academic knowledge and a reliable physical and digital infrastructure. Moreover, innovation is stimulated both top-down by a co-operative government as well as bottom-up, by a great group of committed citizens.

We aspire to be one of the top-3 most innovative regions in Europe by 2025. By achieving this, our region will not only be healthier, greener and smarter, but we can show the world how a metropolitan area can solve metropolitan challenges in an innovative way.