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  • City-Zen Virtual Power Plant Deelnemersavond

    mai 2, 2019

    On Wednesday April 10, 2019, Sloten’s Mill staged the third and final participants’ meeting of City-zen’s Virtual Power Plant program. Attendance was high, in spite of the local football club’s Champions League match that same evening. The night focused on sharing the project’s results and its conclusion. Project review The project received quite a lot […]

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  • [PUBLICATION – EU PVSEC18] Représentation spatiale de la capacité d’hébergement des réseaux basse tension pour les installations photovoltaïques en toiture à l’aide d’un outil open-source

    janvier 30, 2019

    A l’occasion de l’European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC), Hespul a publié une étude intitulée  » Spatial representation of low-voltage network hosting capacity for photovoltaic roof-top installations using an open-source tool « . Pour ce travail, deux axes de recherche ont été choisis dans la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France), dont Grenoble-Alpes Métropole dans le […]

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  • Vous avez de grandes idées pour améliorer Preston ? Le City-zen Roadshow veut les entendre.

    octobre 24, 2018

    Des experts internationaux vous aideront à concrétiser vos idées. Les participants sont invitées à partager leurs idées sur la façon dont ils aimeraient changer ou améliorer Preston pour en faire une ville plus durable où il fait bon vivre et travailler. Le « City-zen Roadshow » aura lieu à Preston pendant cinq jours, du 12 au 16 […]

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  • Partage d’expériences : les citoyens sont au cœur des démonstrations « Vehicle to grid » et « Virtual Power plant »

    octobre 23, 2018

    Sans les citoyens, pas de démonstrations « Vehicle-to-grid » (littéralement « du véhicule vers le réseau ») et Virtual Power Plant (« centrales électriques virtuelles »). Ils jouent un rôle essentiel dans la transition énergétique car leur implication est essentielle pour avoir un impact. Au cours des deux derniers mois, des réunions ont été organisées avec les citoyens participant à ces […]

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  • Dutch Vehicle to Grid pilot: charge and deliver – World premiere in Amsterdam

    février 28, 2018

    Amsterdam is the first city in the world that installed public charge points that can charge electric vehicles and deliver electricity back to the grid by using Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology. Vehicle to Grid is part of a collaboration between grid company Alliander, technology company Enervalis, NewMotion and innovation platform Amsterdam Smart City ‘City-Zen […]

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  • Schéma directeur de l’énergie de la Métro : Moins de gaspillage, plus de renouvelable

    décembre 12, 2017

    Le véritable moyen d’avancer dans la transition énergétique, c’est de réussir à consommer moins d’énergie pour se chauffer, se déplacer, fabriquer… C’est aussi remplacer progressivement les énergies fossiles comme le gaz, l’essence et le fioul par des énergies renouvelables ! Pour y arriver, Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole s’est dotée d’une feuille de route exigeante d’ici à 2030. Entre […]

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  • AEB and Port of Amsterdam supply sustainable ship-to-shore power to vessels in Amsterdam

    novembre 14, 2017

    AEB Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Senfal and Energy eXchange Enablers will jointly supply ship-to-shore power to river cruise and inland navigation vessels. The pilot project is intended to promote the use of sustainable, locally generated power in the port and to reduce costs. The participation of AEB Amsterdam is an important step for the ship-to-shore […]

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  • Innovative home battery project in Amsterdam in the spotlight

    juin 27, 2017

    On Friday 23rd of June, City-zen’s innovative home battery project (virtual power plant)  in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district enjoyed the spotlight when not only Amsterdam Alderperson Abdeluheb Choho visited John van der Putten, one of the participants, but also various Dutch media paid attention to it. Citizen partners Alliander, Exe and Greenspread are working together […]

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  • School Energy Challenge: children on board to bring energy consumption down

    avril 12, 2017

    “Teacher, that’s the day when we set up a multi-socket!” Giving individuals access to their energy usage, thanks to the VivaCité platform, is an ongoing initiative in Grenoble. As part of the 3rd edition of the successful « School Energy Challenge » lead by ALEC (local energy and climate agency) on the metropolitan area of Grenoble, one […]

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  • Citizens say yes to home battery project in Amsterdam

    décembre 5, 2016

    It turns out that Amsterdam’s district Nieuw-West is home to many energy pioneers. Within a month, 37 people with PV panels have signed up for a pilot project with home batteries that lets them store (or sell at a favourable time) their surplus solar energy. 15 more have shown serious interest in participation. Outside Nieuw-West, […]

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  • Heat meets Power

    août 30, 2016

    June 9 2016, DNV GL and Warmtenetwerk organized a knowledge exchange seminar with support from City-zen on the hot topic of Heat meets Power. More and more it is recognized that (sustainable) electricity and heat infrastructures could be mutually interesting in stabilization of grids and in optimizing the business case for renewables. About 50 people […]

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  • Dutch – German Smart Grid meeting – 21st September at The Hague

    Celina Kroon will be presenting the Smart Grid solutions Alliander is applying within the scope of City-zen during the annual Dutch – German Smart Grid Meeting organised by the bilateral Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting both German and Dutch companies will present best practices and solutions. This opportunity to exchange knowledge and get to […]

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  • GEG/ATOS innovative projects – latest news

    mai 26, 2016

    EcoCity GEG manages the « Smart Grid » part of the Grenoble EcoCity project with Atos Worldgrid . In the bargain, new jobs and new services to enable everyone ( residential customer , service, community) , to better manage their consumption , improve energy efficiency and monitor the effectiveness of actions implemented . Achievements  Deployment of the […]

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  • VivaCity, 1st collaborative energy data management programme – Latest developments

    novembre 19, 2015

    The programme VivaCity involves the developement of an experimental platform for collaborative energy data management, covering the perimeter of the Grenoble EcoCity. It is run by GEG in collaboration with Atos Worldgrid and utility operators in Grenoble (CCIAG). In 2015, the following developments have been realized : 29 dwellings were upgraded with smart meters, installed […]

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  • Three lessons from City-zen in Amsterdam New West – Column by Mirko Van Vliet

    The district Amsterdam New-West is a ‘small giant’ by itself with its own specific set of challenges and opportunities. Characterized by cultural diversity, contrasting neighborhoods and citizens with a drive to innovate. After one and a half year of project experience in the district, what lessons can City-zen share with cities across Europe? What challenges […]

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  • WANTED: suitable battery systems

    novembre 9, 2015

    Grid Operator Alliander and Energy Provider Greenspread are looking for a supplier of suitable battery systems for the project Energy Storage for Households / City-zen. Is this exactly the opportunity your company is looking for? Do not hesitate and check the demands at TenderNed. Submit before 31-12-2015 and maybe your product will be part of […]

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  • Smart City Event – 2 to 5 of June – Amsterdam

    février 4, 2015

    On the 2nd until the 5th of June 2015, The Smart City Event will take place for the 5th time in Amsterdam. It will bring Smart city experts from more than 30 countries for inspiring key notes, interactive workshops and inviting round tables. Amsterdam Smart City is host of this event. The City-zen game partners […]

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  • VivaCity, 1st collaborative energy data management programme

    février 3, 2015

    The Grenoble territory, an ideal environment for innovation and energy transition, is promoting a ground-breaking collaborative energy management approach. Its originality lies in a trial of joined-up cooperation between local energy operators, in a joint building initiative between the city of Grenoble and Grenoble Alpes Métropole. This programme, called VivaCity, involves the development of an […]

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  • Amsterdam outlines new sustainability measures

    décembre 12, 2014

    The Amsterdam College of Mayor and Alderpersons have outlined new plans to increase the pace of improving sustainability in the Dutch capital. As part of the new motion, the number of households using locally-generated sustainable electricity needs to have increased by at least 92,000 by 2020. Concrete plans have been drawn up for energy saving […]

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  • Words from local coordinators

    novembre 27, 2014

    Amsterdam Smart City Annelies Van der Stoep, local coordinator Municipality of Grenoble Perrine Flouret, local coordinator   Why are you part of the project ? « Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is a unique partnership between companies, governments, knowledge institutions and the people of Amsterdam. In five years, ASC has grown into a platform with over 100 […]

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  • Assises de l’énergie – Bordeaux (France) – from 27 to 29 January

    novembre 26, 2014

    The « Assises de l’énergie » is an event that brings together all the actors in the fields of energy. As part of the City-zen project, GEG and Atos Worldgrid will present during a forum an experimental approach to intelligent and collaborative management of energy data, VivaCité. The open data and services associated to energy data become […]

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  • BNR broadcast of 19 november : smart grids

    novembre 19, 2014

    BNR, one of the leading Dutch news radio channels, had a program on smart grids on Wednesday 19th of November. In this program the focus was on a pilot with energy storage in batteries at home. In Amsterdam Nieuw-West, up to 10 people will have a battery at home to store their energy. This makes […]

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