• cityzenday-grenoble

    SAVE THE DATE – City-zen days à Grenoble du 31 janvier au 2 février 2018

    août 17, 2017

    Grenoble vous invite à expérimenter le coeur de sa transition énergétique du 31 janvier au 2 février 2018 Conjointement aux Assises Européennes de la Transition Energétique, nous avons lancé notre appel à contributions auprès de nos partenaires locaux City-zen et auprès de la communauté grenobloise engagée dans la transition énergétique. Ensemble nous vous concoctons un contenu […]

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  • paper-basket

    Why carefully designed clean energy plans often end up in the trashcan

    juillet 11, 2017

    You thought you were doing a good job. Together with your team, you have been carefully designing a plan to connect one of the city’s districts to a specific clean energy solution that could bring down carbon emissions drastically. But all of a sudden the grid operator says no: making the necessary adjustments is too […]

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  • sneak-preview

    Sneak preview of soon to be published key-barriers-to-energy-transition research

    What does it take to realize clean energy in cities? What barriers do we need to remove to make it happen? Last year the Amsterdam Centre for Energy (University of Amsterdam), DNV GL and La Metro examined which economic and regulatory barriers the various City-zen projects experience when trying to achieve a fossil free city. […]

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