City-zen/EU GUGLE : 2 projects for shared goals

Sustainable renovation models from smarter cities. That are the keywords of the EU GUGLE project and one of the objectives City-zen stands for. On two occasions, we had the opportunity to meet members of EU GUGLE and learn more about their strategies and activities to reach their goals : in Vienna and during the SCIS meeting organized by EC.

A survey among City-zen partners in Summer of 2016 revealed the EIP-SCC projects we would love to learn from and share with. In the top 5 of City-zen’s wishlist was EU-GUGLE. No need to say that we were excited that during our field trip in Vienna we had the opportunity to meet with Michael Heidenreich and visit the Pentzing district which are part of a project are of around 62,546m² gross floor area with prefabricated façade elements, the intelligent integration of renewable energy in buildings and realisation of suitable accompanying measures to create a high-quality city district. Learn more about EU GUGLE.


On 13rd october, EC organized its second Project coordinators Meeting to give an update on the Smart Cities and Communities Information System. Through interactive sessions, the European Commission brought together the SCIS project responsibles with the project coordinators, city representatives and experts involved in smart cities and energy efficiency projects co-funded by Horizon 2020 and FP7 programs. The SCIS platform aims to monitor and analyse EU co-financed demonstration projects and encourage replication of the demonstrated solutions across Europe, within the context of the European Union’s energy and climate change objectives. Learn more about the SCIS’s Project Coordinators Meeting

  • The Project

    A city operating entirely on clean energy. In theory, it's possible. But in real life? How to integrate new solutions in existing buildings, systems and people's lives? What are the technical, economic or social barriers? And how to overcome these? That's what we've learned by doing in 20 projects in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

  • Our Activities

  • Achieved Impacts

    • 20 innovations in Grenoble & Amsterdam
    • 35,000 tonnes CO2 saved per year
    • 76,000 m² renovated residential buildings
    • 10,000 dwellings connected to a Smart Grid