• Blockchain: a tool of the future for the energy transition ?

    February 28, 2018

    Have you ever heard of the blockchain? This information storage and transmission technology operates without a central control body and could revolutionize our energy system (Pierre Paperon, Blockchain expert, proposed a presentation of this tool at the City-zen Days in Grenoble to understand the challenges of its use.) The blockchain is first of all an […]

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  • The European project City-zen under the microscope

    Giving substance to the energy transition: this is the ambitious objective set by the cities of Amsterdam and Grenoble with the City-zen project. Sarah Bogaert, general coordinator of the project and Eric Lecomte, representative of the European Commission, presented the heart of this European collaboration at the opening of the inaugural plenary of the City-zen […]

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  • What if we warm up differently? Innovation at the heart of the Grenoble urban heating network extension project

    The Flaubert eco-neighbourhood in Grenoble is one of the city’s flagship projects in transition. Combining sustainable development, energy innovations and the involvement of residents, this concerted development zone (ZAC) is currently extending its urban heating network, the second largest in France. The result of a Research and Development partnership between CCIAG and CEA and co-financed […]

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  • Becoming an energy producer: the inhabitants at the heart of the energy transition!

    February 9, 2018

    In a friendly and atypical setting, the company Energ’y Citoyennes proposed, on Thursday, February 1, 2018, a creativity session on the theme of the involvement of residents in a citizen project to produce renewable energy. The objective of this moment of collective reflection was to help society meet the challenge of citizen action, an objective […]

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  • The project forum: an overview of City-zen initiatives!

    The City-zen project is 22 innovative projects. The project forum, organised during the City-zen Days, was an opportunity to discover many of them, and to travel between Amsterdam and Grenoble with a fun and lively approach. A guaranteed immersion in the heart of the energy transition! The idea? Discover 10 City-zen projects (5 from Grenoble […]

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  • A solar roof for my school: renewable energies are invited among the youngest!

    The City-zen Days opened under a solar sign on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 with the inauguration of the newly built photovoltaic roof at the Jean Racine school in Grenoble. All the actors who contributed to its installation were present, as well as the pupils and their teachers. Energ’y Citoyennes is the initiator of these solar […]

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  • Autoconsumption of solar energy: the local energy and climat agency paves the way in Grenoble’s metropolitan area

    Facing the snow-covered mountains, the Grenoble Local Energy and Climate Agency presented its new innovative project on January 31, 2018: an installation of 55 photovoltaic panels with a power of 16.5 kWp whose electricity produced is self-consumed on site. After a presentation of the functioning, objectives and regulations of the project by Jérôme Buffière, project […]

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