• City-zen demonstration projects’ crucial role in pushing new regulatory frameworks

    April 9, 2018

    A research on legal and financial barriers faced in innovative energy projects To realize a clean-energy system, the city’s energy infrastructure and buildings are redesigned and new energy services are developed. These changes naturally meet economic and regulatory friction: laws and regulations are still directed towards the current fossil fuel based system. Changing the regulatory framework […]

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  • City-zen Roadshow Roeselare April 2018

    April 5, 2018

    Together searching for energy transition solutions April 23 to April 27 2018 – Roeselare, Belgium The City-zen Roadshow will start 23 April in Roeselare, Belgium. International experts will elaborate on the similar objectives and themes the SWAT BK TU Delft students worked on. Together they will open up discussions with citizens, local companies, students and […]

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  • The Energy Transition Roadmap to Paris

    Both City-zen cities Amsterdam and Grenoble working on their Energy Transition Roadmap. We may call it a coincidence: both approximately 500 km away from the real Paris. The roadmap is for these cities the route to the Paris Agreement. After years of in-depth research, the time has come to start the movement in real time. […]

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