• VPP_bewonersbijeenkomst

    City-zen Virtual Power Plant Bewonersbijeenkomst

    July 16, 2018

    Op 29 juni, een zomerse avond voor het weekend, kwamen deelnemers en het projectteam bijeen om de resultaten rondom City-zen project Virtual Power Plant (VPP) te bespreken. Een Virtual Powerplant – virtuele energiecentrale – is een online platform dat de productie en het verbruik van zonne-energie van mensen verzamelt (door het gebruik van een batterij) […]

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  • Rehabilitation of the Mistral Towers in Grenoble: urban and social renovation

    July 3, 2018

    Interview with Gilles Billion, head of the “rehabilitation service”, who discusses the urban renewal of this neighbourhood in difficulty. “Actis has been a social lessor involved in the energy transition for nearly 10 years*. We have rehabilitated or are rehabilitating more than 1,000 homes at BBC level, resulting in a significant reduction in charges for […]

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  • PV system with storage : an innovative and experimental device in Grenoble

    June 26, 2018

    On May 17, a photovoltaic power plant in self consumption was inaugurated on the roofs of the Grenoble’s local energy and climate agency (ALEC). A look back at this innovation with Jérôme Buffière, project manager at the agency. A few words about the project ? “This type of installation is both a technical demonstrator and […]

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